Thank-you for contacting Vangear Gear Works.

Unfortunately, after more than 60 years in business, Vangear ceased operations in April 2015, and is currently in Receivership.

For additional information, please contact either:

Vangear would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, employees, suppliers and other partners for their great support over the decades.

We would also like to recommend the following gear manufacturers to our former customers:

The Gear Works
VanGear started Western Canada's gear industry, but we couldn't have done it without the help of the Gear Works. They were a key partner to VanGear while getting established in the early days, and they continue to be a leader in the gear industry.

United Gear
United Gear is the gearbox rebuild leader in British Columbia and VanGear has often worked together with United Gear for gearbox rebuilds and maintenance.

Great Lakes Industry
GLI has one of the best quality control systems of all the gear manufacturers in North America, and are well suited to the needs of many Original Equipment Manufacturers who depend on reliable quality and delivery. The size ranges offered by GLI would accommodate most of the parts that VanGear produced for OEM's.

The old days...